Making room for ideas from retirees, as well as their commitment to redefining ageing.

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Mûr.e is a program dedicated to helping those ripe for retirement who would like to set up collective and sustainable solutions for the challenges facing their changing communities.

What does it mean to choose entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in what’s known as « retirement » age?

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Before sitting down to write a contract, taking some time to reflect can be helpful in order to fine-tune and clarify your idea. Here are some tools to help you flex your creative muscle.

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Are you ready to tackle your idea with the help of your peers? You need to surround yourself with the right people to bring your idea to life!

PRÉSÂGES can be part of the solution and, depending on your needs and interests, there are also other services available to you.

The Mûr.e program

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Not sure what Mûr.e is all about? Our FAQ section may have the answers you need.

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