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Thinking is taking action. It is always helpful to gather ideas and reflect on a project in order to clarify its relevance.

Here are the 5 steps you can take to fully reflect on your project idea. Remember that the process is rarely linear, and you may have to take a step back, re-examine an idea, and adapt to a few surprises.

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Stay open minded

Ready to take retirement in hand?

Being an entrepreneur is an adventure, and wanting to change things in your community adds an extra layer of challenge. Experience shows us that staying open minded, listening to our intuition (and that of others), and opening the door so others can help is part of the recipe for success.

First and foremost, you must take the time to look into the future to gauge how far you’re prepared to go and how much you’re willing to share.

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Clarify the idea

Is an idea already rattling around in your head? Does your intuition tell you there’s a need for a service, product, or organization to address a collective challenge and help spread compassion?

What preoccupies you most? There are so many questions to ask yourself before launching your idea.

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Clarifiez vos idées

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See the big picture

Once your idea becomes clear, you’ll need to share it with others to gauge their reaction and ask questions to fill in any gaps you may have.

Seeing the big picture also means Googling to find experiences similar to yours that you can learn from.

Élargissez vos horizons

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Create a framework

Can you envision the project when you close your eyes? Ready to pitch the big idea to your sister-in-law? Completing a project template is an excellent way to gather all your points together.

Get out your pencil—and an eraser—and get your proposal down on paper. This will be the tool you need to start a conversation with potential partners.

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Articulez les morceaux de votre projet

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Let the idea take flight

How do you feel about your project now? Is it time to look into financing or find a support program? What do you need to take the next step?

Make an inventory of all the resources available to you so you can identify what you can count on and where you’ll need to ask for help.

Faites l'inventaire de vos ressources!

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