Where do I begin if I have an idea?

The Get Equipped section offers you a selection of tools to get you started. No matter how far along your idea is, you can find a variety of relevant questions to help you delve deeper.

Then follow your intuition! If you feel like you need support to go further, book an exploratory meeting with us.


What entrepreneurial services does Mûr.e offer?

Our services include individual support, group support for co-development, access to the Collaboratif co-working space, and some HR help. You’ll find more about these in our Get Started section.


What does support entail?

Entrepreneurs who meet our criteria have access to individual meetings with our team. We provide an outside view, active listening, and key questions that are often the first steps to deeper reflection and new actions.

We will use the theoretical and empirical experience we’ve gained from meeting various challenges (notably in the ageing and community fields) to help you meet your goals.

Who are Mûr.e’s services aimed at?

Our services are specifically designed for an individual or small group of retired or almost-retired people who would like to put collective and sustainable solutions into place to meet the challenges of communities in transformation.

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Are you only located in Montréal?

Since our offices are located in Montréal, most of our services and activities are centered here. However, distance is no obstacle thanks to email, a phone call, or Skype—all of which are great ways get in touch and help you along your path.

We would consider meetings outside the Montréal area if ever enough individuals or groups show an interest.


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